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Model: Straight Billiard
Style: Classic series
Surface: Gebürstet
Bore: 9mm
Mouthpiece: Acrylic
Material: Briar
Application: None
Prod_length: 150 mm
Headheight: 50 mm
Headbore: 20 mm
Prod_weight: 40-49 g

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The rustication of this new brushed series is dark and wild. The 'Kelpy' is a legendary ghost, showing itself in the form of a water horse. With a black and wet mane, it promises the traveller save passage to the other side of the river. But once on the back of the Kelpy, the traveller gets pulled under water and becomes the ghosts next feast. It is said, the one who manages to subdue and tame the Kelpy, will have a mount for ever on.